embrace our scents of magic

every candle has a story & is inspired by a journey...

It's all about the home and what we collect to build those homely vibes. Adding a touch of fragrance elevates the mind as you pop on your favourite tunes and embrace your lifestyle to the fullest.

  • Handsome Crush

    It all begins with that childhood crush.You sing and dance to there songs and you feel joyous in the words you hear. Adding a touch of fragrance adds to the atmosphere of happiness.

  • Bathroom Romantic

    Setting the mood whilst getting ready or bathing is definitely a great way to relax. It's the small things that we can do for ourselves. Relaxing and lightening our load is definitely a must in these times...
    Embrace your romantic for you!

  • Nonno's Place

    Go back to your childhood and be reminded of growing up in the country around Nonno's garden. Sweet, yet earthy... a tribute to my hero..my Nonno. This one is a favourite!