Del & Gene

Like most, my grandparents played a big part in my life… no scrap that, my Nonna and Nonno were a HUGE part of my life! 

From a little girl my memories are filled with going to Nonna and Nonno’s. It was always such a special time, and my heart is always filled with the love and teachings they shared with us.

Me, my siblings, and cousins always loved to visit as Nonno had his homegrown produce that kept him busy and dedicated. He showed us how you needed to care for the things you grew and how hard it was because there was always something to do. We spent many days out picking alongside him, but we didn’t mind as we were spending time with him and helping him out. The memories of selling the homegrown produce at their stall were so funny as you heard Nonno and Nonna argue price with the bartering customers! We could see how much he valued his produce and how it was important to get the best deal because of the hard work you put in.

We especially loved going to the shops with Nonna and Nonno. They'd demand you take the fifty they sliped into your hand ...“per gelati” they say!

Oh, the fond smells I still have as we’d walk into my Nonna’s kitchen as she’d be cooking up a storm. She was the lady of the house, the baker, the cook, the organiser, the boss! So many times, we’d be learning how to bake the bread or a different type of biscuit or wholesome meal. It was a delicious time to be with Nonna, she was so talented, so kind and so generous. I loved learning to cook by her!

So from these childhood memories this little girl grew and my Nonni’s grew old. Nonna became very frail and Nonno lost his complete eyesight which was truly heart breaking. Whilst their final years weren't easy, they showed so much love, strength and resilence. Although he couldn't see, Nonno would still cheekily have a secret stash of 'cioccolato' close by that he would hand out to his grand and great grand children. Always smiling. Always selfless. Never complaining. I was taught so much and it is what paved my journey in understanding what love and family is, and I can never ever forget them.

I will never forget the gifts they’ve given me, and I honour them in the magic of my Del & Gene candles.

Del & Gene wasn’t just born from the love they showed me, it was all the woven little things that bind my thoughts and feelings on scent. From the freshness of nature to the inside baking smells. It was Nonno’s fine cologne (because he wouldn’t have anything less!). All these different scents and smells is what made me explore what could be created into memories and candles that I make today. 

Me and my kids embarked on this fun-loving journey of testing over seventy fragrances - all elements had to be perfect, the smell, the burn, the hot and cold throw, but most of all the memory. Some scents came from my childhood, my grandparents, iconic movies and others are what my kids loved and in their words, “make my room smell nice”!

So from my memories of scent, to your home of fragrance I hope you enjoy my journey as I explore the wonders of life, past and present. I hope when you light a candle you are taken down your own journey or memory, and it makes you smile. This is my tribute to Nonna Adele and Nonno Eugenio
(Del & Gene)

May our memories live on forever

Love Gels xx